New name New products New Aloe obsession

I’ve been making soaps for 4 years now and continue to love doing it. I usually get tired of making a mess for a hobby but this has so many new products and techniques to try I can’t wait to try something else. And in the meantime I love using the handmade soap on my skin and my whole family. The supplier I love also supplies to Rocky Mountain soap so it’s certified good quality natural stuff ! And I see so many butters and raw ingredients and botanicals and infusions and it’s just too $$ to add so many to soap and I can’t always tell in a bar of soap besides the scent and overall feel of the bar   So I have been tempted to buy all that’s cool looking and sounding minerals and butters and raw materials I scroll by all the time.  And also thinking. I love the way the soap makes my body feel. Why do I get out and then put on lotion from the store that is 70% water and how many unknown ingredients and like 1 tsp of Shea.  I want all that goodness directly on my skin after the shower/bath in my case. So I’ve taken the spend too much online challenge on ingredients and taken over our pantry and kitchen and making some skincare to add to my soap small business.  
also my kids have mocked the name soap on a platter since day one so found a new name. Wanted to name it Down to Earth since I have always loved the saying and meaning. I love down to earth people and want to be one. And using earth products and living out of town with animals and fresh eggs and too many House plants. I thought that would be a nice easy name. Haha then there was 5 million already named that. No domain .. so my neice helped me come up with this and since my latest love is Aloe everything !! I wanted and felt I could be happy about having that in the name. I’ve been adding aloe butter to soaps for awhile and now my plan is to add aloe juice in place of water in lotions and creams cuz why not?  While I’m experimenting and perfecting I’m trying to sell for as little as I can. If only we had a company closer and didn’t have to pay shipping and wait so long for stuff. Thanks for reading and checking out the website. It was way more work than I thought. Thanks to Jessie Durfey for showing me some online shop expertise